Address: 33 Preah Sihanouk Blvrd
Province / Capital City: Phnom Penh
Phone: +855 89 999 398
Website: http://www.cellcard.com.kh
Your Email: gray.cheryl@cellcard.com.kh

Contact’s Name: Cheryl Gray
Sex: Female
Phone: +855 89 999 398
Your Email: gray.cheryl@cellcard.com.kh


Cellcard is the only Cambodian-owned telecom operator in the country, and is the longest standing having commenced operations 20 years ago. Cellcard is a single-market mobile operator with more than two million customers.
Cellcard has almost completed the roll-out of its Super 4G network to give customers the biggest, fastest mobile data network in the country. Cellcard also gives Cambodia generous mobile data offers.
This is for a reason. Cellcard’s mission is to give affordable access to mobile data for all. Rural, urban, young and old. We put progress before profit to bridge the digital divide. Studies show that for every 10% of mobile data penetration, the national GDP grows between 1 ai??i?? 1.5%. This is core to what Cellcard’s strategy to digitise both economy and community and to help position Cambodia as an independent technology hub in the Asian region.


Cellcard is developing an exciting new CSR strategy that helps realise its vision to give affordable access to mobile data for all of Cambodia and improve people’s lives. the strategy will involve employees performing community works to aid villages and communes who need assistance across three pillars of education, health and housing. Cellcard is hoping to engage its 2-million-plus customers either physically or financially in this programme.
Cellcard would wish to be in alignment with the CSR Platform to inspire other corporates to follow suit and to make real positive change.


Company values:

  • No discrimination (age, gender, sexual, social status)
  • We stand for ai???ai??i??Every Cambodian has a right to mobile dataai??i??ai??i??
  • Full transparency
  • Trust and credibility
  • Upholding traditional Khmer values
  • Protect children at all times (any school programme involving the public needs full screening by our HR dept with full records of all public particpants ai??i?? which can be made available to authorities at any time)

Specific CSR Activities:
we do multiple sponsorships across sports, culture, education and youth each year, for instance Ride to School and we are are about to sign a major football partnership that will reach to every province by middle of 2018.
We expect to launch our new CSR programme in July/ August 2017. Employees take the lead of setting an annual plan of activities to assist in education, health and housing. The general public is invited to attend and take part in these set activities. These might range like: building school rooms/ libraries, enabling school wi-fi, teaching classes, delivering training and sports programmes, raising funds for housing, installing household goods, supporting schools for uniforms, clean water initiatives for health, providing books and food to students, supporting the garment factories with nutrition support and child health and education etc). Cell card will provide Volunteer Leave (3 days a year) for employees involved in the programme.

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