About Us

What we do

     Linking and Learning:

  • To have a platform for learning, networking, information sharing and best practices through appreciative inquiry
  • To disseminate the theoretical and practical knowledge on CSR among stakeholders in line with the UN Global Compact and UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ISO26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility and GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

     Capacity building:

  • Increase CSR competencies through the development of local service providers, training and information dissemination
  • To promote integration of CSR into core business operations

     Advocacy, lobby and networking:

  • To advocate and lobby at the national level for a supportive legal environment for responsible business
  • To identify specific opportunities for promoting CSR in various business sectors and work with stakeholders to facilitate their implementation
  • To contribute to national CSR agenda setting and raise relevant and material issues which facilitate or inhibit the development of CSR
  • To build relationships with different Chambers of Commerce for common goals
  • To promote ethical behaviour among companies in Cambodia
  • To involve researchers and academics for policy recommendations/suggestion