NAME: Caroline McCausland
COMPANY: ActionAid Cambodia
ADDRESS: #69, St. 242, Sangkat Chaktomuk, Khan Daun Penh

CITY: Phnom Penh
PHONE: 023 994 987

CSR Activities

ActionAid has been working in Cambodia since the year 2000, and the ActionAid Cambodia country office was set up in 2004. Since then we have been working with the poorest and most excluded women, men, and children in the country, making long-term commitments to advance their human rights and transform the world in which their children grow up.

We are committed to advancing three strategic objectives including by 2018:
ai??? Smallholder farmers, artisan fisherfolk, women and children in 75 communities where we work will have improved food security and control over their livelihoods. Food is a basic right. We all need an adequate and balanced diet to all us to work, play and see our children grow strong. And yet many people struggle to get enough food to sustain themselves and their families ai??i?? a problem contributed to in Cambodia by climate change, problems with land access and promotion of unstainable farming and fishing practices.

ai??? 90% of girls and boys aged 6 – 15 in the communities where we work will equally enjoy their right to quality public education. We all know that our school years are some of the most important of our lives. Access to quality public education allows children to discover what they are good at, harness that potential and develop skills that will improve their life chances and opportunities in the future years.

ai??? 8,000 women in urban areas and 70% of women in rural communities where we work are organized and challenge gender-based violence and gender inequality in all aspects of their lives. Gender inequality means Cambodia women have less access to land, education, networks, technology, transport, cash and decision-making than men. They face increasing threats of violence, sexual assault and rape in public spaces as the rural to urban migration of young women increases.

In short, our work is about directly improving the lives of the women, men, youth and children living in poverty in Cambodia. By 2018, we will deliver on our plans, giving many of the poorest and most excluded people: food security and control over their livelihoods; quality education; freedom from violence; gender equality; and resilience to disasters and shocks.


ActionAid Cambodia is part of a global movement of people working together to achieve greater human rights for all and defeat poverty. We believe people in poverty have the power within them to create change for themselves, their families and communities. ActionAid is catalyst for that change.

ActionAid Cambodia is part of ActionAid International, a global federation of 45 members committed to finding sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. ActionAid International is collectively governed by all of its members, so everyone has a say on how the organisation works.

Our vision is for a world without poverty and injustice, in which every person enjoys their right to a life of dignity.

Our mission is to work with poor and excluded people to eradicate poverty and injustice.

We want to see Cambodia with a strong and vibrant civil society, led by empowered and dynamic peopleai??i??s organisations and networks, advocating for change in laws, policies and practices to attain justice and equality for all Cambodians.

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