COMPANY: American Friends Service Committee
ADDRESS: Second Floor, 95z Street 113 (PO Box 604)

CITY: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
PHONE: 855 23 216400


The American Friends Service Committee is an international peace organization, maintaining a program on Business and Peace. This program seeks to build dialogue and engagement towards the prevention of conflict and just outcomes for communities around large scale development projects.
The program builds dialogue with corporate stakeholders, regulators and investors, develops technical tools that demonstrate the effectiveness of community engagement and consultation, provides trainings, and supports key civil society partners to conduct and engage in dialogue towards resolving problems impacting communities.
AFSC has organized a range of workshops and seminars across the region on company ai??i?? community mediation, conflict management and prevention in cross border investments, and on various aspects of CSR. In Cambodia, the AFSC has played an important role in building constructive relationships between local civil society stakeholders and corporate actors, including Chambers of Commerce.

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