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Name: Aide et Action, Ilead

Address: #322, street 182, , Cambodia

Province / Capital City: Phnom Penh

Phone: +855 77 77 78 47


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Contact's Name: M. Samphors Vorn

Sex: Male

Phone: +855 77 77 78 47

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Background: iLEAD or Initiatives for Livelihood Education and Development is Aide et Action's initiative to promote education and enhance livelihood opportunities. The first program of iLEAD in Cambodia started in 2014 with iLEAD International School, social enterprise, which goal is to provide access to education and improve the quality of education that is delivered in Cambodia’s remote and poor communities. iLEAD International School functions as a centre of training and resources for the teachers of the free-of-charge rural community preschools that Aide et Action Cambodia runs as a part of its early childhood care and education program. All profits generated from the school are contributed towards sustaining and expanding the rural community preschools. iLEAD will open its second campus by the end of the year 2016.

Then in 2015, AEA Cambodia launched the first iLEAD Employment and Entrepreneurship Centre (iLEAD E&E) in the SEAC Region. The objective is to improve the livelihoods of marginalized and vulnerable populations through vocational training, and ensure that they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to live their lives with dignity. For that iLEAD is based on an in-depth analysis of local markets, with sector experts and local businesses contributing to curriculum development, so the training delivers solutions to job placement challenges and gaps in professional skill sets. AEA has an extensive business network to support the project by offering advice and guidance on the development of all aspects of the program.

Member's Intended Contribution

Describe what organization will contribute to CSR: Since its creation, iLEAD has launched different social projects :
With iLEAD international School, we provide good quality education to preschool and primary school children in Phnom Penh, at a reasonable price. The profit we make is reinvested to sustain preschools and primary schools in rural area.
With iLEAD Employment and Entrepreneurship program. we provide vocational training to disadvantage youth and adults.
through these two projects, iLEAD will be able to speak about its lessons learnt on each of the project and about its good practices. Moreover, we could share the difficulties encounter to launch a social enterprise (both on legal and operational term).


CSR Activities: iLEAD International School is :
• Providing good quality education to children in Phnom Penh,
• Creating a solidarity link between urban and rural Cambodians (Urban Cambodian parents who enroll their child into the Phnom Penh International School are directly sponsoring rural children who attend the other 49 community preschools),
• Training teachers in rural areas, to strengthen the link between urban and rural teachers. The teachers from all schools will be able to share their practices, knowledge and to build a strong supportive community of solidarity. It is a strategic placement as it ensures long-term quality of education, financial sustainability, and the ability to attract and retain talented staff.
• Influencing national education policy and curriculum for better educational services.

iLEAD E&E is:
• Providing training to marginalized youth and adults
• Facilitating job placement and helping marginalized groups for their insertion in the society and in the market economy of Cambodia
• Creating a strong network and relationships with local businesses in Cambodia to links them with graduates from iLEAD
• Raising awareness to the local authorities about the challenges of disadvantaged population and employment and the importance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in reducing unemployment