ATEC Biodigesters International

Name: ATEC Biodigesters International
Address: #33, St 510
Province / Capital City: Phnom Penh
Phone: [tel12]
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Contact’s Name: Ben Jeffreys
Sex: Male
Phone: 0888319385
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Background: ATEC* International produces world-leading biodigesters for rural communities in developing countries. ATEC Biodigesters International is an international award winning social enterprise in Cambodia, which produces high quality household biodigester systems for small scale farmers. Made in Cambodia with UV-Treated LLDPE hard-plastic and a lifespan over 25 years, an ATEC* Biodigester utilizes manure and other organic waste to produce renewable biogas for cooking and organic fertilizer for farming. ATECai??i??s unique Biodigesters are suitable for earthquake and flood-prone areas, can be compacted for global transportation, and are easily assembled on site.
Global estimates for biodigesters are in excess of 50 million households. ATEC*s goal is to expand production to 10,000 units per year by 2019 in Cambodia and export to other emerging markets. ATEC has 16 employees and to date over 155 units have been sold in Cambodia.


The Atec biodigester provides rural Cambodians energy certainty, improved health outcomes and increased income. Compared to the traditional approach of cooking with wood, using the biogas provides significant health benefits to the user as well as saving them up to $274 per year. In addition, the organic fertilizer from the system can reduce farmer’s spend on chemical fertilizer by half while also improving crop yield by up to 30%.

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