Cambodia Beverage Company

Name: Cambodia Beverage Company

Address: #287, Phum Mittapheap, Khan Russey Keo

Province / Capital City: Phnom Penh , Cambodia

Phone: +(855-23) 428 995


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Background: The Cambodia Beverage Company Ltd ai??i?? (CBC), a member of Bottling Investments Group (BIG), a bottling unit of The Coca-Cola Company, is proud to be the exclusive authorized manufacturer and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company in Cambodia. CBC started its commercialization and distribution center in 1993 with $10 million investment and employed 100 employees. With the investment, CBC runs one production line ai??i?? Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB). Until 1997, new pack was introduced into the market along with installation of the CAN Line. In 2008, due to the business expansion, CBC invested more than $30 million to install a brand new PET Line and upgrade CAN line with a brand new one. With the double digit growth every year, CBC is directly employing more than 800 local employees, which is a double of its size in the last 4 years.
In 2014, CBC announced its biggest investment ever in the Kingdom to build new factory in PPSZE. The new factory is 10x bigger than it current facility.

Member’s Intended Contribution

Describe what organization will contribute to CSR: Coca-Cola has a clear direction about sustainability approach that we call ai???Me, We, Worldai??? a shared vision of how we can work together to create social value and make a positive difference for the consumers and communities we serve. Each pillar: ME, WE and WORLD focuses on different area in the community.

Since we started our operation in the Kingdom since 1993, our CSR has been part of our operations. We have long and short term partnership with our local and international partners that focus on people well-being and environment well-being. The long term partnership may last for more than 5 years with an annual review of their performance while the short-term partnership can be the ad hoc program during special occasion where we can provide simple moment of happiness and make a positive difference either in people life or raising environmental awareness.


CSR Activities: ME focuses on people well-being: we are working with National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport and UYFC to carry out Olympic Moves Cambodia, a multi-sport programs that aim to encourage teen between 13-19 to enjoy and experience the benefits of an active lifestyle by playing sports together. More than 5,000 students directly benefit from first series of the program.

WE focuses on community foundation: we are working with our local partners such as JCI, AIESEC and UYFC, and our initiative to enhance youth education programs. There are various platforms whether it is leadership training, volunteerism and student exchange, internship etcai??i?? We also working with CEWA and CWBF to empower women entrepreneur through business training skill and business start-up. There are many more ad hoc programs that help to support community such as: blood donation, anti-plastic bag campaign, international coastal clean-up, etcai??i??

WORLD focuses on the Coca-Cola impact on environment: Here in Cambodia we focus on water replenishment program where have work with CWPD and UN-HABITAT to provide water pipe connection directly to households, pump wells, water filter, water tower (Aqua Tower) and water push cart etcai??i?? More than 6 thousand families directly impact from program and many thousands indirectly impact from our hygiene training programs.

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