Cooperation Committee for Cambodia

NAME: Mr. Soeung Saroeun, Executive Director;
              Dr. El Sotheary, Head of Program;
              Mr. Soeung Typo, Social Business Development Manager; and
              Ms. Serena Lillywhite, CSR Adviser

COMPANY: Cooperation Committee for Cambodia – CCC
ADDRESS: #9 ai??i?? 11, Street 476, Toul Tompoung 1, Chamkamorn,
CITY: Phnom Penh
PHONE: 023216009


CSR Activities

The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) is the longest established membership organization in Cambodia. Since 1990, CCC has played a unique and important role in strengthening accountability, governance and transparency. These are the fundamentals of good governance, corporate social responsibility and responsible business conduct. Currently, CCC has more than 150 member NGOs and many of them are actively involved in business and human rights campaigns, particularly in the context of environment and land use.

In recent years CCC has strengthened its focus on CSR. An internationally recognized CSR Adviser has been appointed, with the support of the Australian

government. Work is underway to develop a CSR strategy for CCC and to design and deliver training and mentoring on CSR and business and human rights for CCC staff and members.

CCC is engaging in relevant international forums to strengthen responsible business conduct and sustainable development. In particular the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct and the Open Government Partnership Initiative. CCC is also strengthening linkages with chambers of commerce and individual companies to progress CSR in Cambodia.

CCCai??i??s expertise on the Sustainable Development Goals provides scope to advance CSR in Cambodia.


CCC is a well-established and respected coalition of more than 150 international and local NGOs in Cambodia.

CCCs vision is to promote sustainable development in Cambodia through the provision of high quality services to civil society, and by influencing Cambodiaai??i??s development actors. CCC seeks to enable a strong and capable civil society that is able to cooperate and respond to Cambodiaai??i??s development challenges. Throughout its history CCC has been actively been involved in processes to influence key policy makers and legislative processes in Cambodia.

The Governance Hub Program is a cornerstone of CCCs work. It is based on the values of integrity, responsiveness, cooperation, quality and inclusiveness. These values, and the vision of sustainable development for Cambodia, will assist in emerging CSR work.

CCC also manages the Governance and Professional Practice (GPP) certification scheme. This is a unique program designed to ensure good governance among civil society in Cambodia. The fundamentals of transparency and accountability are vital if Cambodian CSOs are to successfully engage in sustainable development processes. These are principles governments and the private sector must embrace, and should form the basis of any CSR framework adopted by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

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