Address: 8b St Down Town 07, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Province / Capital City: PHNOM PENH

Phone: +855 78 885 640
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Contact’s Name: Edy Gulmatico
Sex: Male
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Cominkhmere is a well established MEP company following the international ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 Standard. Internally Comin run its own CSR activities with strong emphasis on the improvement of our employees welfare and working condition, social outreach program, environmental awareness and protection.


Comin Khmere is an engineering company and general contractor based in Cambodia. Comin has branches in southeast asia and participates in major construction and improvement projects in the Mekong Region, including hotels, factories, infrastructure projects, power plants, network security and automation, and office buildings.

Comin Khmere specializes in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering work, typically providing electrical systems, electrical grid connections, elevator automation systems, air conditioning and heating systems, and communications systems for its clients.

Intended Contribution

Cominkhmere can contribute in terms of providing expertise and advice for the company who would want to improve and strengthen their Company safety work practices / processes, collaborate with various organizations and CSR members to organize a social and environmental event such as tree planting, community outreach program and providing free training.

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