Entree Baitong

NAME: Mr. Ieng Sotheara
COMPANY: EntrAi??e Baitang
ADDRESS: #71, St. Tonle Sap, Chroy Changva, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CITY: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
PHONE: 068 44 55 11
EMAIL: info@entreebaitang.com/finance@entreebaitang.com

CSR Activities

A. Input supply
EntrAi??e Baitang not only provides high purity, quality seeds but also supports fertilizer in order to help farmers improving their products and income. The slogan ai???Grow Togetherai??? says it all. It also has its sister company, Eco-Agri Center, which helps support agricultural in puts such as sprinkle, irrigation system, seeds, fertilizers, advance planting techniques and market linkage .
B. Field Visits
The company also cooperates with its sister company, Eco-Agri Farms for farmers, students, and other organizations such as NGO forum, Oxfam, World Vision etc to have field visits at these two farms. After visiting the farms, they start to change from using chemical grow to Good Agricultural Practice. Some farmers begin to make their own fertilizers rather than buying chemical fertilizers.
C. Free technical consultation
Our technical staffs are pleased to provide free technical consultation to farmer on how to apply input and supply in the right methods.
D. Market linkage
EntrAi??e Baitang and its sister companies are enhancing market access for farmers by connecting them with buyers. We are processing contract farming with farmers with the support from international organizations and we hope it will improve farmersai??i?? income and increase growing capability of local and small scale ones.


EntrAi??e Baitang companyai??i??s vision is to provide high purity, quality seeds to farmers so as to promote organic vegetables and fruits through its sister company, Khmer Organic Cooperative.
Equip farmers with knowledge and essential skills to grow organic products on their own and work towards establishing a sustainable environment free of chemicals and genetically modified seeds with affordable price for customers.
Organic fruits and vegetables not only taste better but they are important for good health.
Khmer Organic Cooperative strives to find markets for our farmersai??i?? products in order to provide them with earning and providing sustainable practices in the country.

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