Name: ES-Pro Construction Co.,LTD
Address: Vihearchen Village, Svaydongkum Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Province / Capital City: Siem Reap
Phone: +85512335343
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Contact’s Name: SAR Pharith
Sex: Male
Phone: +85512335343
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ES-Pro employs 50 people, with 8 office staff and the rest on construction site. ES-Pro builts private houses, hotels (for example Purple Mangosteen, Maison Polainka), restaurants (Spoon of Egbok, Loft, Salabai, Friend’s international’s restaurant), factories (Pactics Cambodia), schools (GDCD, ABC & Rice Salabai School Restaurant and Hotel), warehouses (Celier D’Asie). Our big project right now is the dormitory of Salabai for 150 Students. We worked with both individuals, businesses and organizations, 95% of ES-Pro’s clients are Western People.

Our knowledge on CSR is still developing, but we hope to contribute by sharing our experience as responsible construction company.

CSR Activities:

1- To the Client: We offer good quality product, reasonable price and on time
2- To Employee, we offer good wages compared to other construction company, we give them all the benefits demanded by cambodian labor’s law such as annual leaves, holiday, sick leaves, sunday’s stopai??i??..
3- To Environment, we limit our wood usage to the minimum, we make sure that we produce waste to the minimum
ES-Pro doesnai??i??t have any official policy for CSR in our company, but we have interior law. All staffs need to be trained at the beginning for orientation’s course to know our Vision, Mission, Value, Culture and Identity so that we can work together. Staff learns that ES-Pro is a CSR committed company because first of all we are legally compliant with relevant laws ai??i?? which s beneficial for staff. Second the way we do business is completely fair for both staffs and clients and thirdly, we all contribute best in our company equal to best to ourselves and community.

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