NAME: Blaise Kilian
COMPANY: European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (EuroCham)
ADDRESS: #33, Sothearos Blvd, B.P. 522, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CITY: Phnom Penh
PHONE: 023 964 141

CSR Activities

As a Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, EuroChamai??i??s role in CSR activities is rather indirect as we work to promote the concept of CSR and encourage our members and other companies in the business community to CSR practice. Our activities include:

– Create a CSR sub-Committee under Green Business Committee to discuss solutions and promote and support responsible businesses in Cambodia

– Organize events aiming at promoting responsible businesses. For example, EuroCham co-organized a Breakfast Event with ACTED introducing a project called ai???Workers Sabayai???. ai???Workers Sabayai??? is a certification awarded to hospitality businesses that offer fair working conditions to their employees in compliance with Cambodian Labor Law.

– Coordinate Clean and Green Task Force on behalf of Secretariat of Private Sector Working Group on Tourism. The Task Force cooperated with Ministry of Tourism to initiate a Clean Up Campaign once every month in some specific areas in Phnom Penh in order to promote Clean City and to raise peopleai??i??s awareness to be responsible for their own trash.


EuroCham Cambodia was inaugurated in June 2011 with the support of three founding European Business Organizations: the Chambre de Commerce Franco-Cambodgienne (CCFC), the British Business Association in Cambodia (BBAC) and the German Business Group, Arbeitskreis Deutsche Wirtschaft (ADW).

EuroCham was established with the objectives of promoting the interests of European businesses operating in Cambodia, facilitating the entry of European companies into the market and creating an extensive support network among corporate and individual members. In 2015, EuroCham has more than 200 members.
In order to attract more European businesses and SMEs in Cambodia, EuroCham established an Outreach program aiming to present the potential of Cambodian market to a wider business community at regional and global stage.

EuroCham Cambodia also has a dedicated Business Services team that helps facilitate the market entry by prospective investors or to assist in the expansion of existing European business interests in the Kingdom.

To further provide service to its members and attract more European investors in the Kingdom, EuroCham has developed an Advocacy pillar dedicated to promoting dialogue with our Cambodian counterparts, both within the Royal Government and the private sector.

To feed this dialogue, EuroCham relies on the works of its Sectorial Committees, one of which is Green Business Committee.
Green Business Committee is a platform for information sharing and discussion, and concerns itself with matters that solely relate to green industries while seeking to provide Cambodian authorities with relevant and constructive policy inputs.

The main objective is to raise awareness for green business practices in Cambodia and to draw public attention on issues that require urgent revision. The Committee is composed by 3 active sub-committees which are Corporate Social Responsibility, Renewable Energy, and Green Buildings.

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