Golden rice Camboida

COMPANY: Golden Rice (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS: 2012 NR5, Tuol Sangke, Khan Russei Keo. PO Box 1008

CITY: Phnom Penh
PHONE: +855 23 987 941

CSR Activities

Golden Rice Cambodia CSR policy follow 3 axes for Sustainable Development: Economical, so the company can thrive in the long term, creating a positive economic impact to Cambodia; Social, so its employees, suppliers and clients can develop and be integrated into the value creation; Environmental, so our surroundings remain as productive as possible in a balanced way in order to continue to yield rice for many years.
Current CSR activities include:
– Being part of the CSR Platform in order to stay abreast of all CSR developments.
– Working under the Sustainable Rice Platform standards, to be implemented in Cambodia
– Working with Farmers Organization under a Contract Farming scheme, allowing the farmers to have market access and feedback on paddy quality.
– Developing Seeds Production that yield rice that is acceptable to the export markets, and distributing these seeds to the Farmers Organizations.
– Developing Farm Services, including Field Irrigation and Mechanization, in order to support the Farmers Organizations.
– Developing Renewable Energy through the use of rice husk for drying paddy and to generate electricity.
– Employing and training more than 400 staff for technical jobs (modern rice milling, agronomy, construction, power generation ai??i??) and working directly and indirectly with hundreds of thousands of farmers families.
– Training for ISO14001 and SA8000 certifications.


Golden Rice Cambodia is a rice milling company specialized in exporting high-quality rice products since 2009.
We are specialized in producing Long Grain Fragrant Jasmine Rice.
Our factory is fully equipped with modern paddy dryers, ventilated silos as well as SATAKE milling machines, including sophisticated sortex, to process more than 200,000 tons of paddy per year.
Our ventilated silos enable us to store 20,000 tons of paddy, and our warehouse can hold more than 50,000 tons of milled rice.
Our Quality Management System was certified ISO 9001:2008 in 2013.
We are proud to have represented Cambodia at The Rice Trader World Conferences and to have won the WORLDai??i??S BEST RICE AWARD in 2012, 2013 and 2014.
With our professional and skillful staff, we are committed to satisfying the world with the Perfect Taste of Cambodian Rice.

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