Grandis Timber Commercial Reforestation Company

Name: Grandis Timber Commercial Reforestation

Company Address: #38D, St 494 Phsar Doeum Thkov, Khan Chamkarmon Province / Capital City: Phnom Penh

Phone: 023 222 173

Your Contact’s Name: Ms. HONG Lina

Position: Sustainability officer

Phone: +855 (0) 92 249 436



CSR Activities: CSR activities of the company have been implemented based on three principles which were identified by company for social and environmental sustainability:

1. Uphold positive relations with communities
ai??? Employment creation and skills- Grandis provides seasonal jobs to local communities to approximately 500 to 600 people every year. Most of them have been trained by Grandis staff and external organizations regarding skills that are required.
ai??? Income generation- local products have been bought from local communities for nursery operations, such as bamboo, rice husk and cow dung.
ai??? Health and safety- health insurance and clean drinking water is provided to workers. Furthermore, a Standard Operating Procedure system has been trained to every employee before works starts.
ai??? Education- two day care centers for kids are provided to laborai??i??s kids. Basic education is being taught and we ensure the kids are safe. It is not only for the kids, and health education is also provided to laborers every four months.

2. Maintain conservation area
ai??? Wildlife baseline was done by Conservation International
ai??? A Conservation Management Plan has been developed and implemented. The Livelihood program is mainly addressed in the plan for promoting biodiversity enrichment.
ai??? Set up of regular patrol teams and areas to patrol, hence reducing illegal logging, wildlife hunting, forest fire, charcoal kilns and illegal encroachment.

3. Secure tenure
ai??? Formal mapping of villages land and concession land registration completed.
ai??? Complaint mechanism opens for communities and laborers.


Background: Grandis Timber was inaugurated in Cambodia with support of Danish fund and signed the investment agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in December 2009. The company is granted an economic land concession which is located in Kampong Speu province, for Teak establishment, with a lease period of 50 years.

Grandis Timber was established with the objectives of
ai??i?? Creating long term value for our shareholders
ai??i?? Establishing industry leadership within the regional emerging markets in the following area
o Profitability/return on investment
o Tropical hardwoods plantation technical expertise
o Operating procedures and efficiencies
o Environmental sustainability
o Social responsibility

Grandis Timber became the first forestry company in Cambodia to receive Forest Stewardship Council (FSCTM) certification in 2013. FSCTM has earned a reputation as the most rigorous and credible international forest certification system. Company has been recently signing an agreement with International Transparency in 2016 for having a Corporate Integrity in the system.

Memberai??i??s Intended Contribution

Grandis is willing to share our own experiences and knowledge on CSR good practices with the CSR platform members, and is also willing to support the platform financially on a case by case manner.