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Address: #315ABC,Street Lum, Group 6, Sangkat Tek Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Province / Capital City: Phnom Penh
Phone: 077 444 887
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Contact’s Name: TEAV BANDOL
Sex: Female
Phone: 077 444 667
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Background: My name is Tiv Chandeth and I am married with four children. I finished my bachelor degree at National University of Management (NUM). Currently, I am the owner of IMAGE PRINTING. The company has been opened for 9 years with more than 500 customers from both public and private sectors. Most of my working experiences related to sale and marketing. I worked as marketing executive, marketing researcher and sales representative in several private companies. Last, I also spent my time as teacher assistant in Friend Organization.

4-Member’s Intended Contribution

Describe what organization will contribute to CSR: Image Printing has an honor to support to the CSR platform by sponsoring printing of business cards and leaflet. We are excited to participate in CSR meeting and events. Furthermore, we are eager to share ideas and experience to the members and learn from each other for the sustainable of cooperate social responsible business.


Image Printing was founded with the goal to make printing as easy as possible to our customers. Our mission is to provide reliable and cost-effective commercial printing and advertising solutions with high interest for our clients to achieve their goals. We are committed to produce quality products with outstanding services at a competitive price. We are determined to Keep Our Promise azi??aYi??az?azi??aYi??azi??az?azi??azi??azi??azsazYazi??aYi??azi??azi?? by constantly develop our people, facilities and equipment. Our core values are exceed customerai??i??s expectation, develop human capitals and long-term relationship with our partners.
The management team of Image Printing are committed to Core CSR values for several points. First, following Cambodian Labor Law. We try to compliance with the law and respect human right. For instance, permanence staff receive 1.2$ per day for snack and extra paid 1.5% for over time. Second, making partners with positive contribution to society. We try not to make businesses that cause negative impacts to society such as on beer, gamble and cigarette companies. Third, we try our best to maintain transparency with our partners and try not to take any bribery when biding quotations. We would like to ensure the fairness and quality of the services to our esteem customers.

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