NAME: Mr. Tek Vannara
COMPANY: The NGO Forum on Cambodia
ADDRESS: #9-11 Street 476, Toul Tompong, P.O. Box 2295, Phnom Penh 3, Cambodia.

CITY: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
PHONE: (855) 23-214 429

Contact details:

Mr. Tek Vannara/Executive Director.
Tel. +855 12 793 489

Ms. IM Phallay/Environment Program Manager
Tel: +855 12 710 115

Mr. SIN Sokhomony/Agriculture Policy Monitoring Project Coordinator
Tel. +855 77 599 960

CSR Activities

NGO Forum on Cambodia has been facilitating and coordinating important projects to promote CSR Practices and Responsible Agriculture Investment in Private sector companies, agro-industries and Agribusiness in Cambodia. NGO Forum being implement the project namely ai???GRAISEA (Gender Transformative and Responsible Agribusiness in South East Asia)ai??? and Right to Food project which funded by The Sweden government, Dutch government and Oxfam in Cambodia.

The NGOF will organize several information dissemination workshop such as evidence based research, multi-stakeholder dialogue, build capacity of NGOs/CBOs, national forum and advocacy conference aimed at strengthening the knowledge on CSR relate to agriculture sector.

Furthermore, NDF-C network members will use their knowledge and skill on CSR that they gain from the project to work with small holder famer to empower them to advocate with private company, small and medium enterprise encourage them to apply the CSR because responsible investment can increase the productivity and incomes of small-scale producers, particularly women, and it is the best opportunity to lift them out of poverty.
Small-scale producerai??i??s integration into the supply chain is a key strategy and Oxfam has substantial experience and models in linking women and smallholders to businesses, while protecting access to and sustainability of resources.

The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGO Forum) is a membership organization, was established in the early 1980s by international NGOs campaigning to advocate an end the aid embargo imposed on Cambodia at that time. Since then, the NGO Forum has continued to evolve in response to changing internal and external conditions framing the development of Cambodia.

The Forums promote information sharing and debate among NGOs, networks and relevant stakeholders on issues of importance to Cambodia’s development. Forums may suggest plans and activities to strengthen advocacy on particular issues. Their membership is relatively open not just only to member organisations. There are currently three permanent forums: on Environment, Development, and Land and Livelihood respectively. Usually, further work on issues raised is carried out in smaller, more focused working groups.

Networks and working groups are groups dedicated to a particular task. They may be a relatively permanent group such as those networks on The NGOs Environment

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