NAME: Oxfam
ADDRESS: P.O.Box 04, No.94, Russian Boulevard, Sangkat Teuk Laak I, Khan Toul Kork

CITY: Phnom Penh
PHONE: 023 885 412
EMAIL: info.cambodia@oxfamnovib.nl


Oxfam in Cambodia adopts a policy of applying participatory learning and action in empowering communities, women and vulnerable groups in diverse contexts of the country. It has proven strength in supporting economic empowerment of rural communities, particularly for poor women, and in integrating resilience and adaptive capacities in all its interventions. Oxfamai??i??s experience in participatory partnership in empowering women and vulnerable groups, and the protection of their rights, has proven and recognized to be highly effective. ‘Working together’ is an essential part of this strategy. Oxfam in Cambodia will also take the opportunity for learning and sharing with other countries in the region to adopt the best strategy to make CSR works better in Cambodia.
Oxfam in Cambodia will:

– Conducts mapping on CSR practices of private sector (including white books) and research on impact of agri-business on women and vulnerable people at community.
– Build relationship and collaboration with front-runners and different Chamber of Commerce and relevant government ministries and relevant National Assembly in Cambodia
– Capacity building and awareness raisings on CSR for communities, NGOs, companies and local government structures (such as commune, district, and provincial councilors)
– Communication on CSR at country and ASEAN level


Oxfam has been contributing to the development of Cambodia for more than 35 years, starting in 1979, under separate affiliate names. We were brought together in one office in 2013 and will all operate under one structure as of April 2016. The Oxfam Country strategy focuses on three programs: Voice for Change, Resilience and Natural Resource Governance to ensure that this culturally rich and inspiring country works its way out of poverty. Gender Justice is a core element in all programs, we put women at the centre of everything we do.

We work with partners on the promotion and protection of human rights, womenai??i??s economic empowerment, active citizenship, building community micro-finance institutions, responsible management of natural resources, disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change.
Oxfam was among the first group of NGOs to provide aid to Cambodia

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