Name: Socfin Cambodia
Address: Head Office: #23 street 594 ai??i?? Sangkat Boeung Kak II ai??i?? Khan Toul Kork ai??i?? Phnom Phen

Activities: Bousra Commune
Province / Capital City: Head Office: Phnom Penh

Activities: Mondulkiri Province
Phone: 071 333 4404

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Contact’s Name: BAi??nAi??dicte Nicoleau
Sex: Female
Phone: 071 333 4404
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Background: SOCFIN Cambodia is part of the Socfin Group, an international European-owned company specialized in the rubber and palm oil industry worldwide.
SOCFIN Cambodia is implanted in the Kingdom through two companies: SOCFIN-KCD and Coviphama, both with their headquarter based in Phnom Penh. Both companies develop and manage rubber plantations in Bousra Commune, Pech Chreada District, Mondulkiri Province, where the company has developed 7 300 hectares of rubber trees.
SOCFIN Cambodia counts over 500 direct employees and 490 indirect employees. Part of the infrastructures developed by the company in its plantations have been created for the benefits of these employees: staff villages with free housing, water and electricity, market places, schools, health centers and sports fields.
The company promotes responsible management in all aspects of its activities including social responsibility towards its employees, sustainable environmental management, engagement with the local population and support to local development.

4-Member’s Intended Contribution

Describe what organization will contribute to CSR: Part of SOCFIN Cambodiaai??i??s CSR Activities is to participate in events and platforms aiming at promoting best practices in all areas of its activities: it currently contributes to a platform for rubber plantations in Mondulkiri to promote environmental best practices and a platform for all stakeholders engaged with local communities in Bousra area to promote collaboration with the local communities. The company is also part of chambers of commerce and professional groups. Through these channels, SOCFIN Cambodia can promote CSR best practices to various stakeholders in the Kingdom and raise awareness on the successes and challenges of CSR policies and activities for the private sector.
As an international company, SOCFIN Cambodia is also committed to go beyond the local requirements in terms of responsible development and contributes to introducing new and challenging standards in the country.
By combining these activities and actively contributing to the CSR platform, the company could help promote its values and commitments.

5 – Core CSR Policies

SOCFIN Cambodia has always been committed to manage its plantations in a sustainable and responsible way. CSR is included in all aspects of its activities. This commitment includes ai??i?? but is not limited to-: support to local development, engagement with local communities, environmental protection and the protection and the well-being of its employees.
Support to local development: being implanted in a rural area, SOCFIN Cambodia is committed to support local development through the creation and maintenance of roads and bridges, support to local authorities, local education department and health centers with donations, maintenance of buildings, partnerships etc.
Engagement with the local population: SOCFIN Cambodia works in full transparency with the UN O.H.C.H.R (Office of Human Rights) to engage with the local Phnong (or bunong) indigenous minorities. It participates in the Tripartite committee, a platform of dialog to engage with democratically elected representatives of the community, participates in multi-stakeholders meetings to disseminate its best practices in terms of engagement with the local population to other local stakeholders, and protects over 300 hectares of sacred places in its plantations. It also created a rubber smallholders program currently benefiting 52 participants cultivating over 130 hectares in the companyai??i??s concessions.
Environmental protection: SOCFIN Cambodia applies best practices in all its operations in order to control its impact on the environment. 3 000 ha of environmental areas have also been preserved and a “zero deforestation commitment” has been adopted in January 2017 : SOCFIN Cambodia is the 1st plantation in the country to commit to such high standards.
Well-being of employees: SOCFIN Cambodia is committed to respect all legal requirements and standards included in its policies: no child or bounded labor, no discrimination, compliance with labor laws, no corruption, responsible governance etc. SOCFIN Cambodia created and maintains 6 villages for the employees and their families in the plantation (free housing with free access to water and electricity), with market places, sports fields and a clubhouse for events. It provides free basic health care for the staff and their families at its company health centers and children of the employees benefit from free primary school at the companyai??i??s schools. SOCFIN Cambodia also organizes awareness campaigns on health, safety and environmental issues and regular training for its staff.

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