Sovannak Palm Sugar

Name: Sovannak Enterprise
Address: # 503, St. 10BT, Sangkat Beuong Tompun, Khan Meanchey.
Province / Capital City: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Contact’s Name: Narein SOURN
Sex: Male
Phone: +855 86 72 73 74
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CSR Activities: Sovannak Enterprise is working hand in hand with producers to improve the quality of their palm sugar in order to make it more competitive both domestically and internationally. Producers are closely trained and supported, as a result their production reach hygienic and environmental international standards. Sovannak also guarantees them to get a fair and steady price all along the season.

ai???The production line follows high standards of quality and hygiene, the producers being trained by the experts of GERES and Sovannak Palm Sugar.
ai???Producers and employees involved in Sovannak Palm Sugar receive a fair income allowing them to improve their livelihood
ai???Sovannak Palm Sugar works with independent traditional palm sugar collectors and producers.
ai???Sovannak Palm Sugar is produced organically, without chemical additives, on fuel-efficient, improved cookstoves. This process greatly improves the taste and quality of the palm sugar, as well as promoting a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way out of poverty for rural Cambodians
ai???The natural sap used to produce Sovannak Palm sugar comes from Cambodiaai??i??s existing Palm Sugar trees.



In 2009, French NGO GERES developed an improved cooking stove, designed to produce high quality granulated palm sugar, using up to 30% less wood-fuel than traditional stoves. An opportunity for the traditional producers to save costs on energy and to sell a higher quality product at a better price.

To push the sales and foster the adoption of this new solution among traditional palm sugar producers, ai???Sovannak Palm Sugarai??? brand was created and rapidly convinced regular customers: supermarkets, restaurants & tourist shops.

In 2013, as the business was reaching a milestone, GERES decided to hand it over to a young Khmer entrepreneur willing to develop it.

Sovannak Palm Sugar is now 100% Khmer !!

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